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    A pop culture convention that you don’t want to miss!

    November 14-15, 2015

    Saturday 10am-7pm

    Sunday 10am-5pm

    Enmax Centre 2510 Scenic Drive South

    Children 10 & under get in FREE with paid admission!


Brendan Hunter

Professional actor since 8 months old and Voice Actor for over 10 years, Brendan Hunter has loved doing lead and supporting roles in Hunter X Hunter (Hisoka), Dragon Ball GT (Oob), Dragon Ball (Tien), Scan2Go (Dradd), DICE (Robert Clapice), Deltora Quest (Sorcerer Oacus), Gregory Horror Show (Judgment Boy), Hoop Days, Jubei-Chan 2, Di Gi Charat…

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Phil Lamarr

Phil Lamarr is brought to you by Kapow Comics LTD. and will only be appearing Sunday November 15th. Actor/comedian Phil LaMarr is best known as a cast member of Fox’s “Mad TV” and as the guy who got his brains blown out in PULP FICTION. He has also appeared in the films, IT’S PAT (the…

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Jason Mewes

Most widely known as the never-silent half of the cult heroes Jay and Silent Bob, first appearing in 1994’s Clerks and moving on with the ever-growing popularity of Kevin Smith’s subsequent films Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Clerks II.

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Billy West

Best known for his work on Ren & Stimpy, West has a career in radio and television that began in the 1980’s when he did comedic impersonations for Charles Laquidara’s Big Mattress morning show on Boston’s WBNC FM radio network.

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Lee Arenberg

Can you say “ELLO POPPET”? Lee Arenberg is an American actor currently starring as Grumpy the dreamy dwarf on the ABC hit series Once Upon a Time. He is also famous to movie goers across the globe for his portrayal of Pintel,

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Creators & Artists

Jackson Gee

Jackson Gee is a Freelance Graphic designer & Illustrator from Calgary, Alberta. His illustration comic work has been published in Fight comics Vol 2. and is working on a  Pinocchio anthology called comic “Wishless” set to be release early 2016. He is also working storyboards  for  Shaw on numerous commercial projects.

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Kelly Tsvahl

Calgary’s Kelly Tsvahl is currently co-writing and illustrating the webcomic series Under the Dead Skies with her husband, Misque, and colourist, Jennifer Rodriguez. Kelly first had illustrations published through Antarctic Press’s Gold Digger Annuals and swimsuit issues, and since then has been involved in numerous fan produced projects such as Beyond the Breach : A Pacific Rim…

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Justin Heggs

Justin is a Canadian comic creator. He is currently writing Wolf Hands, The Zombie and The Ghost and Death Metal Duck.

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Michael McAdam

  Michael McAdam is a Calgary-based writer, actor and comedian.  His company, Two Gargoyles Comics, (twogargs.com) features his work on titles like Thunder, Twilight Detective Agency, Diaperman, and Gloaming (a collaboration with artist Kyle Burles).  Michael began writing comics in 1996 with Diaperman as a webcomic and moved to print comics two years later.  He…

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Eric Dyck

Eric Dyck is a cartoonist and art educator living in Lethbridge, AB. He has shared his love of cartoons and comic-storytelling in art galleries, museums, schools and libraries throughout Alberta and New Brunswick.

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Dan Hammill

Dan Hammill is a YouTube personality who focuses on the blockbuster video game franchise “Halo”. He is a 3-year Xbox MVP and a lover of First Person Shooters. He founded the community ReadyUpLive which boasts over 185,000

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Leigh Jeffery

Leigh is a Calgary based Comicbook illustrator. Currently drawing the dark comedy series Fantasy Killer, written by Kevin Hock. You can check out her work at http://leighjeffery.com

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Kyle Burles

A freelance illustrator from Calgary AB, Canada. Kyle is the writer/creator/artist of the horror comic G.V.K. as well as co-creator/artist of the comic series Gloaming,

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Steven Charles Rosia

Steven Charles Rosia is a Canadian rabble-rouser, comic book writer, and sequential artist. Currently operating out of Okotoks, Alberta, he is enjoying a positively droll life with his wonderful and most eloquent wife

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Cam Hayden

Cam Hayden is the artist behind Futility, a sci fi comic starring a farmer lost in space. He’s also responsible for Red Flag, Shitty Stories, Tales of the CCF & makes weird prints for weird people.

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Natalie Asplund

Natalie Asplund was born, raised, and currently lives in Southern Alberta, and had up until recently lived on the BC coast while in school. Her education includes a Multimedia diploma from Lethbridge College in 2010,

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Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin is a cartoonist from Edmonton, best known for his sports comedy Hockeypocalypse, as well as Redcoats-ish: Jeff Martin’s War of 1812, a historical series published by Renegade Arts Entertainment.

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Renegade Arts Entertainment

Renegade Arts Entertainment is Canada’s fastest growing comic book publisher. Based in Canmore, Alberta, we publish sci-fi, fantasy, horror, Canadian history and children’s comics, graphic novels and books.

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Nathan and Erin Millar

Nathan Millar and Erin Millar are the brother and sister co-creators of “Where She Walks”. Erin writes the story and Nathan does pretty much everything else to produce the comic.

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Scott Kowalchuk

Calgary based Comic Book Illustrator. Author of the INTREPIDS, the MYSTERIOUS STRANGERS, DOWN SET FIGHT! and BATMAN ’66.

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Ryan Ferrier

Ryan Ferrier is a Canadian comic book writer and letterer, currently writing Curb Stomp and Sons of Anarchy for BOOM! Studios, the critically acclaimed D4VE series for IDW and Monkeybrain Comics, and The Brothers James and Tiger Lawyer for Challenger Comics,

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Jason Mehmel

Jason Mehmel writes comics, including the anthology book Fight Comics, which he self publishes both in print and online. He’s working on two single issue stories due out for 2016. He’s also a director for stage and film, having directed critically regarded plays and numerous short films.

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Jessica Huard

My name is Jessica Huard, I’m a small town Canadian geek, cosplayer, gamer and owner of ESKJ Shoes & Art. I’ve been ‘officially’ cosplaying and posting my artwork online for two years, but I’ve been an artsy geek girl from day one. I’ve had a game controller in one hand and a pencil or paintbrush…

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Yelaina May

Yelaina May is a Canadian cosplayer from Calgary, Alberta. She has been cosplaying since April of 2014 after attending her first convention in 2013 and falling in love with the community. Since then she has attended multiple cons around Alberta and is hoping to make it to more every year. She draws most of her…

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Spencer Valliant

Spencer started Cosplay in 2012 and fell in love with it immediately!!! “I have been a geek since birth and am so happy to be around such awesome like minded people in the Expo/Con community.” He has had panels and hosted events at the Calgary Expo, Edmonton Expo, and managed at San Diego Comic Con….

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Mysterio Cosplay

We are Cosplayer’s from Calgary, Lethbridge and Edmonton. Making city and province wide appearances in birthday parties, conventions, expos, store openings, promotions, night clubs, and much much more!

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A cosplayer since 2009 and artist since she can remember, Missy has always been a creative, geeky individual. Her fine arts and illustration education helps her creative process, and see costuming in an artistic light. She prides herself in always trying new things, and remembering weird, useless facts.

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The Lethbridge Entertainment Expo is a celebration of pop culture.

The Lethbridge Entertainment Expo is Lethbridge’s first pop culture exposition which celebrates all things entertainment related including gaming, horror, science fiction, comic books, anime, cartoons and collectible toys.

The city of Lethbridge is a blue collar town also known for its festivals, arts, and culture. Lethbridge has a population of over 89,000 people as well as the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College, with an additional population of over 350,000 people in the immediate surrounding area.

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Things to do at the Expo

Photo Ops & Autographs

Meet your favourite stars, take a picture, and brag to your friends.

Q&A Sessions

Ask questions, get answers. Learn behind-the-scenes tidbits from our special guests!


Take home a piece of pop culture from our Expo store!

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