Costume Contest

Costume Contest Application

Calling all super heroes, zombies, army men, anime characters, video game figures!

We are now accepting applications for the costume contest(s)!

There is a limit to the number of entrants we can have in each category, once each category is filled we will post on this page!

Download the application below and email it back to us at

The costume contest will be at 3:45pm on Sunday November 15th.


Harassment, stalking, and intimidation are not allowed at the Lethbridge Entertainment Expo under any circumstance and may result in attendee removal from convention space without refund. Venue management and/or police may take further action if they feel it warranted.
“No.” means No, “Go away.” means Go Away Now and Don’t Come Back. This applies to actions directed at anyone, by anyone.
Expo attendees who believe they are being harassed should immediately make it known in a clear, unmistakable way that the attention is unwelcome and as quickly as possible approach any Expo staff member for help in dealing with the situation.
Intentionally touching anyone without their permission can be considered assault and may result in police involvement as well as removal from convention space without refund.
“Free Hugs” and other sexual or non-sexual bodily interactions are still physical contact and you need to ask permission from people you don’t know first or they may be considered assault and/or harassment and will be dealt with as such.
Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault are legal distinctions that are outside the scope of Lethbridge Entertainment Expo to decide and will be left to the authorities to take appropriate actions. However, incidents with blatantly sexual speech or acts, unwanted aggressive or sexual behaviors, or touching of a more personal nature (i.e. – areas of the body that would be covered by a bra or underwear) will be treated very seriously.
It is not appropriate to touch someone, in costume or otherwise, to find out if their body parts are real without very clear permission. Lethbridge Entertainment Expo will treat such incidents with equal severity whether the body part touched was real or costume.
Costume and Cosplay
All Expo goers, whether in costume or street clothes must have opaque fabric covering the areas of the body that would be covered by briefs (men) or bra & panties (women).
Nudity is not allowed, opaque bodysuits that simulate human nudity are not allowed.
Anyone wearing a costume that does not conform to these requirements will be asked to cover up or change.
Attendees who plan on wearing revealing costumes should bring a cover with them for traveling between buildings, or to use if they feel uncomfortable for any other reason.
Costume elements that may be reasonably considered to be disturbing or offensive to others are not allowed in convention space. This determination is at the discretion of the Expo staff. Anyone wearing such items may be asked to remove or cover them up.
Expo attendees may be asked to remove costume elements such as chains, handcuffs, weapons, weapon replicas, etc. because of safety concerns for themselves and others.
PDAs – Public Displays of Affection
Please be considerate of others while you are in convention space. Simple PDAs like holding hands, hugging, brief kisses are fine but keep anything more intimate for your hotel room so bystanders won’t be forced to be part of your love life.
Same-sex couples are entitled to express affection the same as male-female couples without drawing attention, positive or negative.
Pressuring or bribing people to perform PDAs in public spaces, whether same-sex or male-female, is harassment and will not be allowed.

[Lethbridge Entertainment Expo thanks Anime North and Eileen Mcevoy, Programming Director, Anime North for the use of their harassment policy text. This text has been adapted with their permission by Kallie Desruisseaux, Kapow Ltd.]