Brendan Hunter

Professional actor since 8 months old and Voice Actor for over 10 years, Brendan Hunter has loved doing lead and supporting roles in Hunter X Hunter (Hisoka), Dragon Ball GT (Oob), Dragon Ball (Tien), Scan2Go (Dradd), DICE (Robert Clapice), Deltora Quest (Sorcerer Oacus), Gregory Horror Show (Judgment Boy), Hoop Days, Jubei-Chan 2, Di Gi Charat Nyo!, Pretty Cure, many Gundam VG’s, “Megaman: Powered Up” VG (Elec Man), and many others. He’s having particular fun these days as Doctor O in Cardfight! Vanguard and Jin Magatsu in Future Card Buddyfight.
In other news, he’s the current brand voice for Enmax, and has many commercials, TV and Film credits that you can look up on the interwebs. Most recently on the TV show FARGO. He still does theatre too, and has been doing Tony & Tina’s Wedding for years, and was seen last year in Night of the Living Dead (the play).
He also produces now… feature films LLOYD THE CONQUEROR (Brian Posehn, Mike “Bubbles” Smith, Harland Williams) and the soon to be released DRAWING HOME (Kate Mulgrew, Rutger Hauer)..