Mysterio Cosplay

We are Cosplayer’s from Calgary, Lethbridge and Edmonton. Making city and province wide appearances in birthday parties, conventions, expos, store openings, promotions, night clubs, and much much more! Please do not hesitate to e-mail/message me/Jhey for commissions, bookings, functions, and quotes, or for any other questions regarding what’s stated on this page.

The Crew:

Jhey (Creator, Manager, Scheduler):
Batman (TDK/R), Bane (TDKR), Scare Crow (BB), Red Hood (Mercenary), MMPR Green Power Ranger

Bree K (Manager):
Lady Bane (TDKR), Harley Quinn (TDK esc)

Alana N, Noble Actions:
Black Canary (Comic), Phantasm (MOTP), MMPR Pink Power Ranger

Francis W:
Two-Face (TDKR), Red Hood (Under the Red Hood)

Erika K:
Robin (TDKR esc), Death Stroke (Arrow/Mercenary)

Kathy N, Eep and Meep:
Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum), Catwoman (Arkham City)

Ryan L:
Bane (Mercenary)

Marissa S:
Lady Joker (TDK esc), Catwoman (TDK esc)