Natalie Asplund

Natalie Asplund was born, raised, and currently lives in Southern Alberta, and had up until recently lived on the BC coast while in school. Her education includes a Multimedia diploma from Lethbridge College in 2010, and a Commercial Animation Diploma from Capilano University in 2012.
She started her comic Redcoat West in 2009 and finally finished the first chapter in 2013 and was able to take it to print. She is currently working on chapter two in between a day job and her freelance illustration work. Other credits include illustrations for Accidental Humour Co. Sugardoodle, and cover work for an unofficial Star Wars collaborative comic.

She has two horses Doc and Pepper, three siamese fighting fish Gilbert, Benjafin and Emerson Cod, and a dog named Jack! In her spare time, Natalie enjoys reading, going riding with her sister, researching random history, watching movies, eating delicious foods and drawing.