Yelaina May

Yelaina May is a Canadian cosplayer from Calgary, Alberta. She has been cosplaying since April of 2014 after attending her first convention in 2013 and falling in love with the community. Since then she has attended multiple cons around Alberta and is hoping to make it to more every year. She draws most of her inspiration for costumes from her favorite video games and movies. She is an avid reader and Fantasy/Science Fiction television watcher with a serious addition to Starbucks.

Yelaina is relatively new to cosplay but has taken on several commissions simply for the love of creating new costumes. If you are interested in having a costume custom made for you, please go chat with her at her booth. Fabric costumes are her favorite to make, but she has also made armored characters in the past.

She is most well know for her two Skyrim cosplays (Nightingale & Forsworn) but has since added Serana (a vampire follower from Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC) as well as two Assassin’s Creed costumes, some DC Comic characters, and more.